Are you so stupid that you can’t understand and that jailed drug “criminals” are money generating CUSTOMERS of the POLICE providing the police additional JOB SECURITY, additional pay and additional benefits all around the world?! The police globally make TRILLIONS of dollars off the “war on drugs.” Corrupt politicians make TRILLIONS off the “war on drugs.” The international drug selling cartels and syndicates spanning from Mexico to China and many more make TRILLIONS off the “war on drugs.” They love that drugs are illegal, it’s exactly and the only thing that gives them their jacked up black market Uber profitable street drug prices. You are FUCKING BRAINLESS if you “think” police, politicians or the drug cartels want the “war on drugs” to ever end. On the contrary, they are HEAVILY financially invested in the “war on drugs” NEVER ENDING. When you stupidly allow yourself to be used as a brainless pawn and support the “war on drugs,” you are literally participating in the cold blooded murder of people JESUS loves worldwide and most of them are poor, weak and disadvantaged, in other words, “the least of these” that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 25. If you read all of Matthew 25, Jesus makes it rather plain that you’re going to hell if you dont change your ways and your attitudes and choose the way of mercy and charity instead, that is, the way of Heaven.


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