Oppressors, murderers, racists and bigots and their supporters need to be LOUDLY “called out” GLOBALLY wherever and whoever they are, from your least esteemed unknown “friend” on Facebook to the top leaders of countries all around the world. The non-assholes of the world MUST escalate the condemnation and ostracization of the assholes of the world. We must NOT allow their various INSANITIES to become normalized. What people do AND say matter enormously. And even more so if you are a top leader of anything big. I have a Du30 supporter friend who I’ve actually met many times before that disgusts me so badly at times given his support as an alleged “Christian” of Du30 that I have blocked and unblocked him several times in the past. Today I blocked him for the last time. He’s too stupid and therefore unworthy to be my friend. Our values are incompatible. He loves bloodshed, Du30 loves bloodshed and Satan loves bloodshed. Jesus and I hate bloodshed. We’re just going in different directions. So be it. He’s made his choice. I wonder if he’ll be happy with that choice on the Last Day. Um. I doubt it.


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