The REAL (Rebel Elohim Angel Love) BIBLE Volume 1 is composed of 36 chapters and it was essentially finished several months ago. Tonight I’ve reviewed and further edited Chapter 1, making my FINAL REVISIONS to this Volume 1 of the REAL BIBLE. It will only take me 2-3 days to complete these FINAL REVISIONS to Volume 1. When I am finished with these FINAL REVISIONS, I’m then going to upload the PDF document that contains all 36 chapters of Volume 1 to the PRINTING HOUSE that will PRINT the very first and all subsequent copies of Volume 1 of the REAL BIBLE and have the FIRST COPY mailed to me here in Michigan, as in a paperback or hardcover or both copy. If that first copy LOOKS perfect, then we’re going to shortly thereafter starting selling REAL BIBLE Volume 1 to the WORLD. And the world will NEVER be the SAME AGAIN! PS If it’s not perfect, we’ll make the necessary adjustments again until it is perfect. Then we’ll starting selling it once it looks perfect.