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Jesus is not God but he was crucified. Qur’an 3:55 using the Arabic word mutawafeeka which literally means “to kill” literally says Allah killed Jesus.
Today’s Muslims believe the Fake Translations and Fake Interpretations of Qur’an 3:55 which are not literal,  but rather metaphorical. I am a Muslim Fudamentalist. I believe in the LITERAL,  not metaphorical, translation of Qur’an 3:55.
What are the metaphorical Fake Translations and Fake Interpretations of Qur’an 3:55? Like Allah put Jesus to sleep,  or raised him to heaven alive without death first by crucifixion, or the Judas substitution wild unsubstantiated speculation, etc. Muslims have about 20 or 30 different opinions as to what happened to Jesus and every single one of the opinions are WRONG.
And then they accuse the Christians of being confused about the crucifixion. The Christians have 1 story about the Crucifixion. Jesus, crucified by God using his Roman,  not Jewish tools,  laid dead for 3 days, was resurrected by God,  appeared to disciples,  up to 500 at one time,  was raised to God back to heaven some 50 days after the crucifixion on or near the Pentecost feast day. That’s one unified Christian theory.

Muslims have 20 or 30 major theories. And thousands of minor ones depending on which Muslim you happen to ask.
The ONLY thing that Muslims pretty much agree on is that Jesus didn’t die when SOMEBODY was crucified. Some Muslims say he was taken off the cross alive and eventually died in India of old age,  others say it wasn’t Jesus but Allah tricked everyone by substituting Judas disguised as Jesus, it goes on and on ad nauseam there are so many different wildly speculative and very contradictory Muslim theories of the crucifixion of Jesus. For a short summary,  see:’_death
In other words, Muslims believe just about every crazy metaphorical unsubstantiated wild speculation about the crucifixion of Jesus other than the ONE LITERAL SIMPLE translation of Qur’an 3:55 that “Allah killed Jesus” using the Arabic word mutawafeeka which means “to kill” and is translated everywhere else in the Qur’an using its root Wafa “to kill.”
So you tell me who is CONFUSED about the Crucifixion?  Obviously,  the Muslims. They can’t even come close to agreeing among themselves what happened after 1400 years.
These fake translations and fake interpretations desecrate the Noble Qur’an by LYING about the Noble Qur’an, intentionally or not.
Because that’s not what the Qur’an literally says in Qur’an 3:55. It literally says Allah killed Isa (Jesus).
That’s why Qur’an 4:157-158 says the JEWS didn’t kill (or crucify) Jesus.
Because the Qur’an had already told us one Sura earlier in 3:55 that Allah killed Jesus (using Allah’s Roman tools,  not Jewish tools).
Not understanding that the Qur’an already declares that Allah killed Jesus in 3:55, Muslims read in 4:157-158 that the JEWS didn’t kill or crucify Jesus and illogically and incorrectly conclude that NO ONE killed or crucified Jesus.

But Jesus was killed,  and crucified,  and the Qur’an says that Allah was the killer in Qur’an 3:55 one Sura BEFORE Qur’an 4:157-158.
Guess what? That’s also exactly what the Bible teaches. The Bible says the God of the Bible demanded the crucifixion of Jesus and performed it Himself using His Roman,  not Jewish,  tools.
Who is the God of the Bible? Allah. Or Eloah if you wish to use the Hebrew (Jewish) spelling.
The Qur’an correctly accuses the Christians of trying to hide the Bible’s clear teachings that Jesus is not God. How do Christians try to accomplish this? Through Fake Translations and Fake Interpretations.


It’s a shame that Muslims likewise try to hide the Quran’s clear teachings that Jesus was crucified. How do Muslims try to accomplish this?  Through Fake Translations and Fake Interpretations.
Why did Allah demand the crucifixion of Jesus? Because of what happened in the fall of man regarding the Garden of Eden which is symbolic of the Heavenly Dispute outlined in Qur’an 2:30-34.

Remember, when Allah looks at Jesus, He sees Adam. Qur’an 3:59. In the spirit,  Jesus is Adam. Adam is Jesus. This father and son are one.
I am a MUSLIM FUNDAMENTALIST!  I am an extreme Muslim conservative that interprets the Qur’an literally in most places,  as Allah intended.
Today’s Muslims, on the other hand,  are Scripture twisting deviators, too often interpreting the Qur’an metaphorically like innovating LIBERALS, with the perfect example being the rejection of the literal translation and interpretation of Qur’an 3:55 that “Allah killed Jesus.”
Men twist Scriptures to fit their opinions. I twist men to fit the Scriptures.
There will never be peace in this world until these most fundamental of errors and misguidance are corrected and replaced with right guidance.
What I have revealed above and below is right guidance.
Jesus is not God. He was crucified. He is Adam.
The End.

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