One thing tonight has convinced me of…when I’m eventually selected as benevolent dictator of the entire world (against my will, I might add),


one of the first things I’m going to do is make voting a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT. What I mean by that is it’s going to be like getting a drivers license. In order to vote, you’re going to have to pass a TEST on basic subjects like politics, economics, business, foreign policy, social policy, etc. If you fail, we’ll have a studybook(s) ready for your review. You’ll be able to take the test as often as you wish until you, hopefully, eventually pass. If you can’t/won’t pass the test, you just won’t vote. Just like people who can’t pass a drivers test can’t drive.

Uninformed voters are probably MORE dangerous to society than are drunk drivers. Probably FAR, FAR more.

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